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Web Design and Content Marketing Combine

Web Design and Content Marketing Combine

Using social selling strategies to boost your lead generation and to bolster your reputation means that a lot more readers will be directed to your website. They have been lured there by your captivating content marketing efforts. It is essential then that your website enhances their reading pleasure.

Carefully crafted content

Sadly, for your copywriter, a superb copy is not always enough. When your audience gets to your website the way your content is presented must grab their attention. Realistically, there is already a ton of information on the web about the topic you tackled. If your article is not well introduced, web users will simply hit the back button.

Well-designed website

Psychologist Edward Thorndike coined the term, the halo effect, which the marketing sphere furthered. It is used to describe the bias shown by consumers towards certain products because of a positive experience with other products made by the same company.

The same holds true for the design of your website. An overall good first impression paves the way for positive expectations. While each industry, each establishment, and each user are unique, the underlying design principle is to minimize distractions and to develop a comfortable reading experience.

Using a neutral background with a big enough, plain font and plenty of white space ensures that reading your content is easy to the eye.

To encourage an easy flow of information, be sure to break your text into shorter paragraphs. Use appropriate headings, bullets, and graphics to guide your reader to the most important points.

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Previously posted on JANUARY 23, 2017

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