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WSI Provides a Digital Strategy for ACT Teletherapy

ACT Teletherapy – A start-up with roots in S. California

It all began with ACT Family Counselling, a private practice working with individuals, couples, and families of all ages, serving the Inland Empire and surrounding communities since 1990. In late 2019, the company embarked on a whole new business to complement the 6 offices established in southern California – ACT Teletherapy.

ACT Teletherapy – Online therapy via Voice, Video, and Text

ACT Teletherapy is designed to help individuals, couples, and families with emotional and behavioural problems, conveniently and privately through a secure online portal. ACT Teletherapy provides qualified and experienced therapists to assist with a wide range of issues, from depression and stress to relationship issues, eating disorders, and much more.

ACT Teletherapy – Digital Marketing Strategy

As a new business, ACT Teletherapy had many challenges. The new service needed an online presence including website and social. Those are now live with a secure portal for all client scheduling, billing, and communications.

Now the challenge is to drive traffic to the new website. The site was built with responsive architecture and content optimized for search. With the launch complete, offsite SEO, link building, and blogging are underway.

In addition, a press release, social campaign, paid advertising campaign, and email marketing are all in the works to promote the new business and drive traffic to the site.

A Great Start – Much Work Ahead

We all understand that SEO takes time, more depending upon the how competitive client’s industry. We are excited to see the initial results with the foundation pages created so far. These include:

• Teletherapy – https://actteletherapy.com/
• Online therapy – https://actteletherapy.com/about/
• Insurance – https://actteletherapy.com/insurance/
• Teletherapy News – https://actteletherapy.com/news/
• Online Therapy Services – https://actteletherapy.com/services/

We are very excited about our progress so far and look forward to the added presence that our PPC campaign, Press Release, Content Marketing and Email Newsletter will bring to our Search Engine Optimization program.

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WSI partners with TeamLogic IT Oklahoma City for Local SEO


The Oklahoma City location of TeamLogic IT technology advisors has partnered with WSI AimHigh Marketing to implement a comprehensive Local SEO strategy. TeamLogic IT has been helping Oklahoma businesses since 2007 by providing professional Managed IT Services and IT Solutions. The highly skilled TeamLogic team proactively evaluates and scales business IT networks and monitors them remotely to assure continuous security and functionality.

The core services at TeamLogic IT OKC include:
• Fully Managed IT Services – Your IT department
• Outsourced IT Support – There when you need them
• Network Security – Minimizing risk
• Business Continuity – Your friend when disaster strikes
• IT Consulting Services – Know the possibilities
TeamLogic IT is a nationwide network of professional Managed IT Services and IT Solutions providers. The independently owned TeamLogic IT OKC location has built an outstanding reputation for delivering highly available, secure and flexible IT solutions. With its unique breath of skills and expertise, the Oklahoma City Team is able to provide complete or supplemental IT services for its clients.
The Local SEO strategy provided by WSI includes extensive keyword research to determine the most relevant and valuable keywords that local businesses use to find TeamLogic IT’s services.These keywords make the foundation of a targeted content marketing campaign, including syndicating blogs to platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and more. The strategy also includes providing verified third party reviews to help establish TeamLogic IT OKC’s credibility for potential clients as well as the search engines. And, the WSI team will verify and maintain consistency among hundreds of online directories and map listings.
About WSI AimHigh Marketing:
WSI is the global leader in all things regarding digital marketing. We offering a full suite of Internet marketing solutions, making WSI the marketing solution best equipped to help you accomplish your business goals. WSI would be happy to discuss your goals, or do an analysis of your current marketing activities.
This blog post was originally published at the following location: https://wsiaimhigh.com/our-blog/teamlogic-it-oklahoma-city-partners-with-wsi

Global Specialty Lamp Manufacturer Retains WSI for Third year of SEO

LightSources is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of UVC, specialty fluorescent and sign lamps of all kinds. Based in Orange, Connecticut, they serve both large and small OEMs with custom lamps designed and engineered for a large range of applications. Starting in 2014, LightSources engaged WSI to optimize their existing Drupal website for 35 keywords.
Over the last 2 years, the LightSources engagement with WSI has expanded, including a new WordPress web site, and additional sections of optimized pages for UV air treatment systems, and ballast water treatment systems applications.
These new application areas are part of LightSources ongoing strategy of assisting OEMs in creating new products where the demand is increasing. For example, there is a growing need among manufactures for enhanced treatment of exhaust gas emissions. In China, manufacturers and even restaurants are coming under increasing regulatory pressure to clean up air emissions. To that end, WSI created a new section of optimized pages for these new opportunities as follows:

UV air purification systems
Industrial air purification systems
UVC air purification systems
UV light air purification systems
Industrial air cleaning systems

Another area of increasing demand driven by regulation is ballast water treatment. The MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee), a subsidiary group of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) is globally enforcing new standards for ballast water treatment systems for ships effective September 8, 2017. The current standard, referred to as the Ballast Water Management Convention, was adopted in 2004 following initiatives by the IMO to establish procedures and standards for managing and controlling ballast water for ships. As the new regulations come into effect demand for products using LightSources UVC lamps is set to increase. In order to capitalize on that demand, WSI created the following set of pages:

USCG approved ballast water treatment systems
Ballast water treatment methods
Ballast water treatment technologies
Water ballast treatment system

With the combined strength of LightSources in the U.S. and LightTech in Europe, LightSources is the global leader in the germicidal lamp industry. In addition to their high-quality standard lamps, they also custom design products for OEMs of any size that meet almost any need. Contact LightSources to learn more.
Originally posted at: https://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/global-specialty-lamp-manufacturer-retains-wsi-for-third-year-of-seo

South Jersey Painting contractors hired WSI to enhance their online presence

Pizzazz Painting is one of New Jersey’s most reputable and well known full service painting companies servicing the New Jersey tri-state area for over 20 years. Pizzazz painting specializes in Residential Interior and exterior painting and commercial painting. Pizzazz Painting is a family-owned company dedicated to the highest quality and service. They offer personal attention to every client; no job is too large or too small.
Pizzazz Painting provides quality paint and attention to detail while working in a prompt and professional manner. Free Professional Color Consultation is included with all projects! We are experts in Interior Design and Color Coordination.
WSI was hired to help Pizzazz Painting build their online presence by developing a new responsive Website and implementing an SEO strategy. The new website is mobile friendly and user friendly www.pizzazzpainting.com and we are now implementing a Local SEO strategy including Keyword research, Local citations, content marketing, and a blogging strategy to help build traffic and backlinks to the site.
The initial on-site optimization effort included development of 4 pages based on key Services. You can see the optimized service pages by clicking on the links below:
Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
Commercial Painting
Decorative Painting
Initial off page strategy includes an intensive blogging effort. These high quality blogs are syndicated to WIX, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr and Google +. WSI is also doing regular social media postings to facebook
Each month of the SEO implementation is monitored and carefully tracked. Key metrics include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.
This post originally appeared at: https://www.wsiworld.com/madhuchadha/?ic=blog

San Francisco Design Firm Engages WSI for SEO

Project 6 Design, a San Francisco-based graphic and web design agency has engaged WSI to implement a comprehensive SEO program for them. Since 2001, Project6 Design has been helping companies communicate who they are, what they do, and why they do it best. Their expert team combines a sense of humor and creativity with discipline and focus, allowing them to deliver tools that integrate style with substance. The goal of the SEO engagement is to increase lead flow from companies needing innovative design solutions for web, branding and print materials.
The SEO implementation covers three major service areas: web design, brand design, and print design. Keywords include geo-modified keywords for each area. The selected keywords were mapped to the following pages:


WSI also optimized Project 6’s home page and Google Maps page as well.
Part of the comprehensive SEO service provided is customized tracking of key performance indicators. Each month WSI will measure links to the new SEO pages, rankings on the keywords, organic entrances to the 9 new SEO pages, as well as leads from organic visitors. Lead tracking includes form submissions, as well as phone calls from organic visitors. With this approach we can see all of the elements which lead to the clients end goal: more graphic design engagements.
Going forward, WSI will focus on the creation and syndication of various types of off page content. This will include blogs, directory listings, and social media posts all designed to build links and social signals around the above keywords. The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly and Google+. As this effort unfolds, Project 6 expects to see their brand at the top of the results for all keywords.

This post originally appeared: https://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/san-francisco-design-firm-engages-wsi-for-seo

Ultimate Concrete Coatings of AZ Hires WSI for Web Marketing

Cool Deck Repair Epoxy Flooring Ultimate Concrete Coatings

Ultimate Concrete Coatings is a top rated concrete coatings flooring contractor in Phoenix Metro which carries an array of options for every style and budget for homeowners and businesses. They provide a wide range of concrete coating needs ranging from decorative concrete and stamped concrete patios, to shiny epoxy garage floor(s), to another specialty item: cool deck repair, and pool resurfacing.

Ultimate Concrete Coatings, began a winning partnership with the digital marketing experts at WSI to boost the company’s search engine optimization – and customer base. Besides implementing a customer review generation campaign, and on-page website SEO, WSI’s digital marketing strategy included online advertising with call tracking, and off page optimization on platforms such as, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and Tumblr — which are used to improve search rankings and enhance web visibility.

Ultimate Concrete captured more online leads and a better reputation throughout Phoenix with the drastically improved web presence that WSI implemented for them. During their first time partnering with WSI, Ultimate Concrete Coatings experienced a 51 percent increase in organic traffic, gaining them over 30 new leads via SEO and social media and 88 phone leads in the last 90 days alone! (Prior to WSI days, the concrete flooring company was relying on time intensive home shows and expensive direct mail pieces, and an inactive website in order to get their name out.)

Is your business just skimming by with your current search engine optimization campaign?
Take a page out of Ultimate’s book. Improve — and coat your business in success with the help by contacting a local WSI office. WSI can help your business grow. Call now for a web marketing analysis consultation today!

This post originally appeared: https://www.esparkmarketingwsi.com/eSpark-Marketing-Blog/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/3010/Longterm-AZ-Contractor-hire-eSpark-Marketing-for-SEO

PayAmax selects WSI to develop and implement online marketing strategy

payroll services in the DC areaPayAmax Payroll has been providing payroll services in Northen Virginia to raving customers of all sizes and industries for years. The customized PayAmax payroll solutions and the experienced and friendly customer service staff help businesses in Virginia become more productive with increased efficiencies for employees and executives.
PayAmax has now partnered with WSI who will help establish PayAmax as a premier supplier of payroll services in Washington DC as well as Virginia. Their online presence will consist of social media platforms and a lead generating website. The result will be more visitors to their sites, more leads for sales, greater name recognition, and more referrals.
WSI has, therefore, initiated a search optimization campaign to get the PayAmax website listed on the first page of Google with listings found near the top of the Local Maps section and the Organic listings section.
In addition WSI is providing content creation and management services that will include creating quality blog posts to be posted on well known blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger.
Businesses searching for a Payroll Company in Northern VA will find PayAmax Payroll listed among the top names in the industry and will identify PayAmax as a welcome supplier of Payroll and HR services with customer service the likes of which most companies have never before experienced.
WSI will track campaign analytics and search rankings and make appropriate adjustments to the search campaigns to keep site pages and associated keywords steadily moving towards the top of search listings on Google.
WSI is an established digital marketing firm focused on providing proven business growth strategies for lead generation, lead nurturing and customer acquisition. WSI consultants work with some of the brightest minds and service suppliers in the digital marketing industry.
This post originally appeared here: https://www.wsimarketingsystems.com/payamax-selects-wsi-to-develop-and-implement-online-marketing-strategy/


GTI Logo

GTI Travel is an award-winning corporate travel management company.  An innovative leader in business travel, GTI specializes in helping clients analyze travel policies in order to develop solutions that provide better service with cost savings. GTI offers customized travel solutions to both small and large companies.  With 4000 locations in over 140 countries and the latest in technological travel management software, GTI helps corporations get their business travelers to their destination in the safest, most efficient way. However, despite the fact that GTI Travel has a client retention rate of 98%, they needed some help in reaching new clients. Fortunately, they discovered the digital marketing experts at WSI who are helping them to create a better digital marketing footprint.

WSI is engaged to help bring qualified traffic to the GTI website and convert that traffic into clients for GTI.  For this purpose, we identified keywords to bring in the right kind of visitors to their website. Our analysis showed that clients used both the term “corporate” and the term “business” in their searches.  Moreover, we could see that some clients were searching for “travel agencies” while others looked for “travel companies” or “travel management.” WSI realized that to optimize website presence, GTI’s website needed landing pages for all of these terms. Based on our research, the key landing pages on GTI’s website were identified and those web pages were optimized for all of the SEO keywords we had identified. Some of these pages are:






Now that WSI has completed the on-page optimization of the website, we are continuing with the off-page optimization. As part of the off-page strategy, we are creating valuable content on behalf of GTI and publishing it on blogging platforms such as WordPress and Weebly.  In addition, this content will be syndicated to GTI’s social media platforms.

WSI is enjoying working on behalf of this global leader in travel management and look forward to a long-term relationship with GTI travel.  Most importantly, we are confident that we will have a positive impact on GTI’s business as our digital marketing efforts begin to attract clients who need GTI’s professional services but would not have been able to find them previously.


This post was originally published at https://www.wsipromarketers.com/gti-travel-leader-corporate-travel-services-engages-wsi-expand-digital-presence/

Glentworth Security Ltd Retain WSI For Local SEO & Paid Search

glentworth-security-ltd (2)Glentworth Security Ltd has continued to use WSI for their local SEO and paid search services after coming to us in November 2014 for a new website to increase leads and enquiries for their security business. Glentworth Security Ltd provide high quality security personnel, on demand for all your business security needs covering South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

Glentworth Security Ltd offer a wide range of security services for businesses. All of their officers are great people trained to the current regulatory standards, security industry authority licensed and paid over the national minimum wage. They provide the following services as well as bespoke security services to suit your business security needs:
Construction Site Security
Static Security Guard
Mobile Security Patrols
Night Porter and Concierge Security
Alarm Response Service
Vacant Property Inspection Services
Security Industry Training

WSI was hired to create a new responsive website and implement and search marketing campaign. This involved creating numerous optimised service pages (and geotargeted service pages) along with building links via blogging and local directories. We also implemented a geotargeted paid search campaign. As part of our ongoing work WSI is also providing Content Management services to the firm consisting of high quality, relevant blog posts and articles which will be posted on blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.
Previously Glentworth were not ranking for any local search terms apart from the town where they are based despite providing a wide range of services in their county. They are now ranking on page 1 in Google for 17 out of their 25 keywords with 16 of those being in the top 5. WSI will continue to provide monthly reports to which we review so that we can continue to offer stretegic advice in order to boost local rankings and page dominence for their services.
WSI is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world, with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries. Born in 1995, at the birth of the Internet, we have always been, and always will be, an entirely digital marketing agency. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we take the time to understand our client’s organization and build campaigns that help achieve their goals.
Originally posted on: https://blog.wsidmg.com.au/glentworth-security-ltd-retain-wsi-for-local-seo-paid-search

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Manufacturer Chooses WSI for National SEO Campaign

industrial ultrasonic cleanerKaijo-Shibuya is a leading global manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and equipment and is a leading contributor to ultrasonic technology for over 65 years.  Ultrasonic cleaning systems use the energy of ultrasonic waves to provide powerful and precise cleaning of manufactured machine parts, ceramics, circuit boards, semiconductor wafers, medical tools, hard disk drive media and optical components such as LCD screens or solar panels. Represented in North America by the Kaijo Shibuya America Inc. in Santa Clara, California, Kaijo continues to provide leading edge industrial cleaning solutions using advanced ultrasonic technology.

WSI was chosen by Kaijo to optimize their website to rank for keyword terms that are relevant to their product line that have significant search volume to drive large numbers of potential customers to their website.

The keywords WSI selected include keyword terms relevant to what the company is, such as an ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer as well as what the company makes that includes ultrasonic cleaning systems, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic baths, ultrasonic parts cleaners and high frequency megasonic cleaners. In all, WSI optimized 21 pages covering a total of 28 keywords.

The second step in the SEO implementation began last month with creation and syndication of content relevant for the optimized keyword terms.  To accomplish this WSI set up three off-page blogs accounts on WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. During the coming months, WSI will continue to create informative blogs on topics relevant to ultrasonic cleaning systems and equipment and post them on these blog sites, with links back to the relevant pages on Kaijo’s site.

The combined effect of the on-page and off-page SEO optimization has already began to increase the company’s rankings and has driven more qualified traffic to their site. At the start of the campaign Kaijo had no rankings for any of their relevant keyword terms. Currently after the first month of the SEO campaign, Kaijo’s site ranks on the first page of Google for one keyword term and on the second page for three others. Over the coming months this process should continue to increase keyword rankings and site traffic and in turn increase leads and sales for Kaijo.

This blog article was originally posted here: https://wsismartwebmarketing.com/ultrasonic-cleaning-systems-manufacturer-chooses-wsi-for-national-seo-campaign/