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Local Search – Attract Local Customers with WSI

Success Starts with Being Found By Your Customers through Search

While WSI is a global brand, we are dedicated to serving local regions in over 80 countries. We know our regions extraordinarily well, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for your local marketing needs.
e-Commerce has opened national and even global marketplaces for selling your products and services, but sometimes it’s right at home where important customers reside, and particularly if you have a physical storefront rather than a virtual one. A focus on local search acknowledges this reality and tailors your overall digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Simplify Your Local Search Marketing with WSI

Local searches are search engine queries incorporating “geographical keywords” such as “Los Angeles,” “Berlin” or “Toronto.” The combination of these geo-keywords with other relevant keyword phrases for your business make up the entire keyword phrase for a local search. “Seafood restaurants in Toronto” is one example, and it makes sense for you to appear on the results page of such a search if you happen to be a seafood restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. What makes up your local online marketing plan? And why is a local focus important to your business?

Here are two advantages to consider:

Extremely Targeted Audience:

Local searches represent a targeted audience, and even more so than more generic search engine queries.

Higher Search Engine Rank:

It’s tough to appear near or at the top of the list for “seafood restaurants.” But appearing near the top for “seafood restaurants in Toronto” is a much more achievable goal. Generally, the more specific you can get your keyword phrases, the better chance you have of being found and ranking high, and a local search is no exception.

Are you ready to get the results you deserve for local online marketing? 

This is especially effective for the automotive, travel, restaurant, and retail sectors.

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