Digital marketing

This new anti-spam legislation is being set to go into effect on July 1, 2014-businesses and corporations need to to ensure that they are prepared and compliant with this new law.If your business performs any of the following activities in any way, then you should immediately start preparing to ensure your compliance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL):

•Send messages electronically to individuals either via email or through other electronic modes
•Change the destination of an electronic message a person sends or receives
•Or has computer programs that are installed by individuals

If any of the above points apply to you, it may be time to ditch everything you have at hand to re-evaluate your current readiness for this harmful law. Non-compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam law can result in huge monetary penalties along with many other injunctions, court offenses, and even negative publicity over the incident. The administrative monetary penalties of a violation set is up to $1 million for each violation if it is against an individual, or up to $10 million if the violation was against a business or corporation.

WSI’s CASL Readiness Assessment

At WSI we want to help you be prepared for CASL by conducting a complete assessment of your current electronic communication, your contacts, digital messaging, contact profiling, etc., so you can be 100% ready for this critical change in the way you communicate and market to your business contacts.

The CASL Readiness Assessment covers the following steps:

•Evaluate all your electronic communication with your contacts
•Review sources and history of contacts acquisition and relationship
•Assess the methods used for communicating with your contacts
•Analyze all aspects related to your compliance with CASL
•Identify possible exemptions to reduce risks and changes
•If no exemptions available, we will explore other alternatives
•Draw a complete roadmap of all steps required to be compliant with CASL
•Identify bottlenecks that would affect marketing and business results
•Craft a guaranteed CASL compliant action plan
•Develop powerful, internal processes to ensure ongoing compliance
•Explore technology alternatives and adjustments required if any
•Align your business and marketing processes with the CASL
•Provide ongoing monitoring and control mechanisms

If you want to be ready for CASL and avoid hefty fines that can cripple your business, you need to work with our experts to perform the complete CASL Readiness Assessment. Call us for a free appointment to discuss your CASL readiness and a complete audit. 416-564-1863.