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Welcome to the WSI Lifecycle, Your All-In-One Toronto Internet Advertising Solution

What makes WSI different from other Internet marketers? The people and the approach. When you become a client of WSI, you gain the power of the WSI Lifecycle, a six-stage, results-oriented strategy that has worked for thousands of WSI clients around the globe. From mid-sized businesses to large corporations across a range of industries, and whether you need an enhancement of your existing marketing campaign or a complete overhaul, WSI uses the philosophy of the Lifecycle to create a custom-tailored plan to grow with your company.

WSI Lifecycle

WSI Lifecycle – Six Steps to Success
The Lifecycle applies to all of our digital marketing services. Here’s a very brief summary of what you can expect:

1. Discovery

Discovering your company’s “e-profile” helps WSI understand the current state of your business and your Internet marketing. What’s working and what’s not with your current campaign? What is your vision for the future? How is your current website performing, and who is it reaching? All these questions and more will be asked in this exploratory phase.

2. Internet Business Analysis (IBA)

The IBA is a “big picture” view of how our marketing solutions can specifically help your organization. We’ll determine what suite of services you can benefit most from, and how best to maximize your operating budget. Here, we also establish clear goals for the future growth of your company and what we expect from a WSI marketing campaign.

3. Build

In the build phase, we take a close look at your existing web assets (if any), and then develop a custom plan to establish your web presence. The best websites are clean, elegant, and clutter-free. And today’s modern website is not just a receptacle of information; it’s a living, breathing, interactive portal to your company.

4. Implement

Here’s where our plans are put into action and the campaign goes “live.” WSI will be with you every step of the way. But don’t think our job ends there. Testing is a crucial component of implementation, and we thoroughly test each phase of your campaign before release.

5. Measure

Using advanced web analytics tools, we monitor the campaign and track which components are driving the best results. In this stage of the Lifecycle, our goal is to track and measure the digital marketing strategy to ensure it is helping you achieve your goals.

6. Manage Results

We’ll analyze the campaign’s results with respect to the benchmarks we established earlier in the process. Are we measuring up? What areas can we build on, and what areas could use a different approach? Remember, WSI is all about results.

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