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Sharon Herrnstein – Toronto SEO and Internet Marketing Specialist

Sharon is leveraging her extensive business experience in helping clients navigate the emerging fields of social media and internet marketing and is the principal at WSI Digitaledge Marketing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She specializes in Toronto SEO and the surrounding areas. As a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant, she is unique in her approach by first taking the time to understand your business objectives and then mapping the marketing strategy to support them. She will show an online sales forecast and then demonstrates a measurable ROI through supported research.

Sharon Herrnstein is an innovative and successful sales and marketing professional with strong business acumen who consistently develops strategic relationships at the senior level. Sharon started her career in marketing working within the publishing, advertising and promotional fields. She then went on to work for more than a decade in the field of telecommunications, where she consulted on both wireline and wireless corporate B2B solutions. She has developed industry experience in real estate, healthcare, and manufacturing and worked with many high technology companies. International business was always an interest and she recently obtained an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. Through this, she is able to draw on the latest leadership and strategic management knowledge. She also has a BA from University of Toronto in Canada and is a member of the BNI High Achievers Club for networking and the national MBA Watt Club as well. Sharon has travelled to more than 60 countries and relishes collecting outrageous real life travel stories to be penned when she has a chunk of free time.


Recommendations for Sharon Herrnstein- Toronto SEO Consultant
ul I had the great pleasure of working with Sharon and supporting her Account Management role. Sharon brings a very calm, but powerful, detail oriented approach to sales. Her industry knowledge and outstanding management skills contributed to her constant over achievement of revenue targets. Simply put, her business practices are to be set as an example to follow and her leadership would be beneficial to any company- Daniela Sindik

ul One of Sharon’s fortes is her ability to interpret vast amounts of information while paying acute attention to detail. This dynamic ability of hers has resulted in many positive, successful customer interactions delivering exceptional client experiences and sales results. Sharon’s strong work ethic has, and will always illuminate her from the rest. I hope you have the delight in working with her one day!- Ann Crawford

ul I have worked with Sharon for the last several years as part of the same regional business sales team. Sharon is truly a sales professional with a laser focus on developing effective business solutions for her clients.- Raj Vij

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